Know what to eat in summer to cool down your body

Today life gets quite busy, and ignoring the summer heat or strolling outside is inevitable. To cool down your body during spirited summers, we need to stay hydrated. So, we need to know what to eat or include in our diet to beat the blazing summer.

Here are the best body cooling foods for summer


Watermelon contains 91.45 percent water helps to meet your body’s water requirement. Eating watermelon keeps the body as well as the mind calm. It is loaded with anti-oxidant properties and provides a cooling effect to your body.


Muskmelon also has cooling effects and helps to control body heat. It is one of the best summer fruit that has high water content. It fulfills the minimum necessity of water in the body. To get comfort from the heat, you must include muskmelon in your diet.

Vitamin C

Consumption of vitamin C is the best way to remove the heat inside and outside the body. Eat oranges, lemons, and grapes every day during summer. All these things are good for cooling down the body heat.

Coconut water

Coconut water is also beneficial for cooling the body. It is rich in vitamins and minerals that regulate the body heat and hydrate it. So drink a glass of coconut water daily.

Fennel seeds

Fennel helps in cooling down the body heat. Keep fennel seeds soaked in a full glass of water overnight and drink its water in the morning. It helps to chill down the body heat.


Mint has the properties of cooling the body and also aids in digestion and breathing disorders. Either you mix it up with your salad or make mint tea, it gives enormous benefits. Besides this, mint chutney is another well-known way to add to your diet. It reduces the heat of the body and provides coolness from the inside.


Eating cucumber in summer is considered very beneficial. It provides coolness to the body. It contains vitamin A, B1, B6, C, D, Potassium, phosphorus, and iron. Cucumber has 95 percent of water which helps to keep you hydrated. If taken regularly, it makes the body strong and gets relief from the heat.


Sugarcane juice is another excellent summer drink to beat the sticky heat and keep heat-related conditions at bay. It is one of the best drinks for this summertime. Sugarcane juice also acts like an energy drink. A glass of sugarcane juice rejuvenates the depleting energy levels in the body. So, indulge in sugarcane juice and cool down your body.

Wood Apple

Wood apple is a cooling fruit and incredibly healthy. The fruit is highly efficacious against sunstroke and other health matters linked to the summer season. It possesses vitamins, minerals, fiber, and other nutrients that are positively beneficial for the body. It will not only recede body heat but also offer many health benefits.

Poppy seeds

Poppy seed is an excellent spice used in different recipes and is ideal for curing body heat. You can also make drinks from poppy seeds that are excellent for summer. It contains Vitamin B6, manganese, and iron, that is beneficial for preventing disease and promoting health.

The body discharges more sweat and gets tired quickly in summer. Thus, it is necessary to keep the body hydrated all the time. These foods will help you to cool down your body inside and outside.








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