Raksha Bandhan

Sweet and Pious Relationship between Brother and Sister

Brother- Sister Relationship is pious in the entire universe. This bond is truly irreplaceable. No matter how badly they fight and argue, at the end of the time, they cannot live without each other.  There is a special day dedicated to the brother and sisters of the entire world. That day is popularly known as Raksha Bandhan or Rakhi. On that day, sisters bless their brother with love and well being and brothers shower their enormous care and love on their beloved sisters.

So here are some reasons why the brother and sisters is a best friend:

Brothers are protective for their sister:

Raksha-BandhanBrother does not allow any trouble to his sister. They are always at their back to support and protect their honor.

Brother knows how to make the sister happy:

Brothers know well how to bring a smile on their sister’s face. They can’t tolerate pain in their eyes and also tries to make their sister happy in any condition.

Brother-sister love is unconditional:

The bond of brother and sister relationship is unique from other relation. It is a selfless or unconditional connection between them.

Hide each other’s secrets:

Both brother and sister know each other’s deepest secrets and hide it from parents. Sometimes they also charge a gift for hiding just for fun. But they have a deep bond and never reveals the secrets.

Sisters are brother’s best friend:

Whether it is a big or minor decision of life, brother always seeks their sister’s advice. Because their sister is well conscious of their situation and will guide them for the right track.


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