Bay leaf beauty benefits

Some Hidden Beauty Benefits of Using Bay Leaves

Bay leaf is a popular item in every cuisine for its aroma. They add extra zest to the dishes. This aromatic leaf is not only beneficial for many health problems but also takes care of our skin and hair.

Here are some beauty benefits of bay leaf:

Tones the Skin

Bay leaves help in acquiring soft and clear skin. Only you have to do is boil some bay leaves in water, let it cool then, strain the leaves and store it in the container. Use this water as a skin- toner and apply it twice a day on your face. It will help to eradicate the skin’s hyper-pigmentation and also evenly toned the skin.

Benefits in Acne

Grind dried bay leaves into powder form. Then add a few drops of lemon juice to it and use over your acne. Applying two times a day for one week in a row gives good results.

Lightens Skin Tone

Crush a handful of dry or raw bay leaves. Allow it to boil in water for 10 minutes on a low flame. Let it cool down to room temperature. Strain and store the water in a spray bottle. Splash it on your clean face many times a day. Regular application will give you fair, smooth, and acne-free skin. It also inhibits wrinkles and retains your skin healthy.

Reduces Skin Allergy

In the case of skin allergy, use raw bay leaf juice to the affected area. Apply twice a day. You will notice the good outcomes within four to five days.

Relaxes Body

Bay leaves hold anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties that help to provide relaxation to the body and also relieve the skin. All you need to do is take some powder of bay leaves and mix it in the water before taking a bath.  It will help to make your skin odor-free, smooth, firm, and glowing.

Sparkles Teeth

Rub a little bay leaf powder on your teeth weekly two times that helps in whitening your teeth naturally. Besides this, you can also add orange peel powder to it, which helps to remove the yellow stains on teeth.

Smooth and Silky Hair

You can achieve smooth and silky hair if you use the bay leaf for hair. Just boil some bay leaf with water. Let the water boil with his herb. When the aroma is released out, turn off the flame and let the water cool down. Use it on wet hair before using shampoo.

Kills Scalp Infection

Due to its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, it helps to kill the scalp’s bacteria and fungal infection. Only rinsing the scalp with bay leaf water can help to treat it. To get better results, repeat this every day.

Treats Dandruff and Itchy Scalp

Take powder of bay leaves and mix with some coconut oil. Apply it to the itchy sections of the scalp. This mixture helps to stimulate the hair follicles and also lessens the scalp itchiness. You can use this paste over itchy skin too. Hair rinse with bay leaf water helps to eradicate dandruff built over the scalp.

Cures Hair Loss

Bay leave is effective in treating hair loss. The bay leaf tea is considered an excellent cure for hair loss. It strengthens hair roots and prevents them from falling. Bay leaf oil is a fabulous tonic for hair that fights dandruff and hair loss problems. It also helps to get rid of dry, damaged, weak hair.

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