Anushka Shetty

The Hidden Natural Beauty Secrets of Anushka Shetty

Anushka Shetty is a real symbol of beauty. The tall and gorgeous actress has won millions of hearts all over with her simplicity so far. She has a specific charm to her face. Apart from acting, her simplistic way of living has equally grabbed the attention of her followers.

She is highly pretty and attractive and carries herself with elegance and confidence.  Her glowing and flawless complexion has always made her fans wonder. All her fans will love to know about her beauty secrets that are simple yet effective.

For her beautiful and radiant skin, Anushka Shetty follows a basic routine that all celebs follow. She drinks lots of water for her internal hydration. It also helps to get natural moisturized and gleaming skin. Anushka completely avoids applying makeup when she is not shooting for her movies. She allows her skin to breathe.

She uses a homemade face pack prepared from gram flour and lemon juice, and it is a part of her everyday skincare regime. Besides this, she follows a strict diet. She consumes lots of fresh fruits and veggies and completely avoids junk.

For her lustrous tresses, Anushka Shetty oils her hair every few days. She uses oils for massaging her hair like olive oil, castor oils, coconut oil, and mustard oil.  It helps to strengthen her hair follicles and keeps hair healthy too.

She tries to avoid using chemical-based products. Anushka drinks a lot of coconut water in between meals. The actress includes yoga and exercise in her routine for perfect health and beauty.

You can also try this out for proper care of your skin and hair.

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