The solution to Getting Rid of Mosquitoes this Summer

Our home is like a temple, and it should always be clean. Make sure that there is no stagnant or standing water in and around your house where mosquitoes can breed. A small bite can lead to a menace from these winged creatures that spread malaria and dengue.

Here are some natural ways to keep mosquitoes at bay:

Ground Coffee

Be it, water buckets or tanks, everything needs to be cover with a lid. Where there’s still water, you need to do, sprinkle a few coffee grounds to kill mosquito eggs, and prevent breeding. Besides this, you can also add a drop of dish soap to the water, which is a quick way to kill mosquito larvae.


Garlic contains larvicidal properties that help kill mosquitoes. Crush a few garlic cloves and boil with water. Let it cool, then fill in an empty bottle, and spray it in every corner of your home to get rid of mosquitoes.


Camphor is an available ingredient that helps to kill mosquitoes as well. It has a long mosquito repellent effect. Burn some camphor in a closed room for about fifteen minutes that is quite effective to keep mosquitoes at bay.

Tulsi or Holy Basil

You can plant a holy basil or tulsi plant near your window or balcony to prevent the breeding of mosquitoes. Besides this, you can also spray basil oil to yourself to repel mosquitoes. It is an effective way to keep mosquitoes away.


Neem oil works as an indoor-mosquito repellent owing to its strong aroma. To prepare the effective mosquito repellent, take an equal proportion of neem oil and coconut oil, and mix it well. Apply it to your body. It will work up to eight hours.

Coconut Husk

Burn some coconut husk and papaya leaves and pass the smoke to spread in every room. It will help in repelling mosquitoes. You can also add mango wood, betel-nut leaves, and ginger leaves to this smoke.


As we know that lavender has lots of benefits, smells great, and keeps away mosquitoes too. Spritz it in your place or mix a few drops of this to your body lotion or cream and apply.

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